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So You Say specialise in copywriting and strategic communications. We bring creative and critical thinking to your projects and help build effective engagement.

So You Say is mainly me, Taya Brendle, supported by a small team of contract and freelance long-term buddies and collaborators who offer graphic design, web design, sound design & editing, film-making, and music composition.

I am a passionate advocate of the written word with solid experience in the marketing, advertising, and PR industries. I am an enthusiastic and qualified communicator, and thrive on the challenges my clients provide. I also have a true passion for creating smart and enduring communication solutions.

Current clients of So You Say include diverse industry sectors, from government, to architecture, design, education, sustainability, photography, property, theatre, not-for-profit, education, and building services—phew! This breadth allows a unique perspective and thorough knowledge of current industry practices and enable the proper positioning of your brand.

Producing communication that works is central to effective marketing and increasing revenue. The ability to convey information simply and persuade the reader to action is the absolute aim of all So You Say projects.



Our Services



Copywriting is a core function at So You Say, and our marketing specialty is evident in our copywriting services. Our approach is to develop a deep understanding of your goals before we begin. We understand that the copy needs to tell your story, and by using plain english with genuine emotion in our copywriting we capture the imagination of your audience.

Effective copywriting involves understanding your audience and the psychology behind their decision making processes. This skill is informed by our expertise in marketing as well as writing. Armed with that understanding our copywriters develop killer copy that produces measurable results.


Writing web content is a specialised off-shoot of copywriting. It combines all of the above with an added understanding of industry research, SEO, keywords, and analytics, as well as the specific skill of information distillation. Breaking down your information into bite-sized morsels that keep people on your website and engaging with your business.


From set-up, planning, scheduling, and management of social media accounts, to stand-alone social media campaigns, we are experts across all social media platforms and can assist in the integration of these platforms into a winning marketing strategy.


Sometimes words need to be read on a page, in a book, a brochure, or a mailout. We can provide graphic design services to ensure that the marketing collateral you are sending out matches the standard of the information contained within it. 

editing & proofreading

As writers, we understand the value of a good and new set of eyes. If you require your own words edited or proofed, we can definitely help you out. From PhD's to grant applications, novels, articles or web content, we have solid editorial experience in our ranks.

marketing strategy

We specialise in strategy for small-to-medium businesses. From creating a marketing plan for a business loan all the way through to creating a solid and ongoing marketing framework, we will work with you to formulate the best and most worthwhile marketing guide for your specific requirements—this is not a cookie-cutter template, rather an in-depth understanding of your business informing a workable and flexible marketing road-map.

e-newsletters & blogging

If you've already got everything else covered and just need a bit of curated content for your blog or all you need as far as marketing is to send a regular e-newsletter to keep in touch with your community, we can help with that. We can set up your e-news accounts, create your template, and send it out for you, or we can simply provide the content.

zines & workshops

This is the fun stuff! Our team conduct zine-making workshops for a variety of groups and outcomes. From documenting corporate events and team-building, to showcasing the hidden gems of a specific location, recording the highlights of a music festival for posterity, or creating a special zine to celebrate a milestone—we tailor  workshops and outcomes to suit any venue, event, and budget. Workshops are fun, easy, and encourage people to get engaged and creative.

We also conduct writing workshops covering how to write engaging copy, grammar, messaging, staying 'on-brand', and tailored workshops covering topics of interest to your group.

The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter—it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning
— Mark Twain


Satisfied Customers


"So You Say is a trusted and valued part of The Commoner team. They have helped us reconnect and build strong ongoing relationships with our customers, collaborators, the media, and within the wider community. Our ideas and goals have been solidified, and we now have an ongoing communications plan in place that has been designed to meet our specific requirements, works well for us, and has become an enjoyable aspect of running our business".

Jo Corrigan, Owner—The Commoner

"We have only recently started working with So You Say, but already we can see a noticeable improvement in our e-news and social media uptake and our interactions with customers leading to actual bookings. Handing over some of the responsibility for social media, marketing & PR to a professional who knows the hospitality industry is exactly what our restaurant needed".

Lina Ciociola Sadki, Owner—The French Brasserie





Okay, so you've got this far and are still thinking you might need help with one of the above services we offer? Please get in touch below and let us know what you need—we will always do our damnedest make it happen for you.

As wordy types, we are more than happy (and to be honest it's easier for us) to conduct the bulk of our business via email, text or face-to-face. We love having an initial brain dump session, a get-to-know-you, first date type of deal after which we will organise a proposal, then a quote, and then get down to work.

If that sounds good to you, please get started below, we look forward to hearing from you...